No Sweat! Get a Grip!

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    We help the world to control annoying sweaty hand and feet issues!

    Several Years Ago, Joe Watson of Sarasota, Florida developed the formula for a product to help control Sweaty Hand issues in humid conditions. As an avid golfer, he needed something to keep his Grip Dry from sweat. Now! He even Swings Better!

    The product then was test marketed for a year and a half. The product was placed in; Sporting goods stores, both tennis and golf pro shops, paint stores, lumber yards, auto parts stores. Watson; wanted to find out how the product worked in all types of work, play, or sporting conditions.

    The product is now available in nearly every golf course, tennis shop and sporting good stores in Florida. In Addition you can Buy Online.

    Musicians, Play Their Instrument Better with dry hands.

    » No Sweat Lotion is a combination of food grade ingredients.

    » Joe Watson Inc. owns: formulation, reg.Trademarks, Copyrights, Product Photos

    » No Sweat (denotes easy) No Sweat it is easy to have dry grips!

    » No Sweat makes no medical claims.

    Great for all Sports: Including tennis, golf, baseball, football, raquetball, handball, field and ice hockey, bowling, archery, skeet shooting, billiards, and many more. And, for other jobs where dry hands are needed to perform at your best.

    The construction Industry : Great for painters, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians.

    Mechanics : Just holding a wrench in hot, humid weather is difficult.

    Landscapers : Never have to cut a bush with clippers that slip in your hand.

    Military or Police departments or hunters : Anyone holding a rifle or gun needs dry hands.

    Medical supply industry : No reason to have to put powder in rubber gloves to put them on.

    Hyperhydrosis : Helps to reduce hand moisture from excessive sweating.

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